Saturday, June 9, 2012

High Blood Pressure

Almost every second Client in our Clinic is on prescription Drugs for High Blood Pressure,Bloodthinners and Statins. I have had so many Patients that managed to get off their prescription Drugs and supplement with Herbal preparations, it almost seems clear that this is only a Business and the medical profession shows no real concern for the patient. They treat according to Standard protocols, but there is no standardized Illness nor a standardized patient. Nature offers so many simple solutions with very few side-effects and always with great success, that i do not see the need for allopathic treatment of essential Hypertension.Simple herbal combinations will most time do the trick. Fr.Kneipps Solution is an equal mix of tinctures of Garlic, Mistletoe and Crataegus with an average Dose of 30 Drops three times a Day with a dropper full tincture of Cayenne added for faster progress. Even more complicated cases can be treated well by a good herbal practitioner.Important is always a change to a more healthy Lifestyle (FOOD,SPORTS,MORAL CHANGE,EMOTIONAL RELEASE)etc. With many old People, treating Constipation could do the trick. In-grown Toe-nails also can raise Bloodpressure.

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