Saturday, June 9, 2012

High Blood Pressure

Almost every second Client in our Clinic is on prescription Drugs for High Blood Pressure,Bloodthinners and Statins. I have had so many Patients that managed to get off their prescription Drugs and supplement with Herbal preparations, it almost seems clear that this is only a Business and the medical profession shows no real concern for the patient. They treat according to Standard protocols, but there is no standardized Illness nor a standardized patient. Nature offers so many simple solutions with very few side-effects and always with great success, that i do not see the need for allopathic treatment of essential Hypertension.Simple herbal combinations will most time do the trick. Fr.Kneipps Solution is an equal mix of tinctures of Garlic, Mistletoe and Crataegus with an average Dose of 30 Drops three times a Day with a dropper full tincture of Cayenne added for faster progress. Even more complicated cases can be treated well by a good herbal practitioner.Important is always a change to a more healthy Lifestyle (FOOD,SPORTS,MORAL CHANGE,EMOTIONAL RELEASE)etc. With many old People, treating Constipation could do the trick. In-grown Toe-nails also can raise Bloodpressure.

Almost 2 Years

Dear Friends ,its almost 2 years ago, i was posting on this Blog last time. The Reason was ,that we had to move the Abbey and get resettled on a new Place. It was a challenging and frightening Experience, but the results have been encouraging.The new Placeis in midst of a Forest and has 45000 m² Grounds.Already we have more than 400 Herbs in our Herbal Gardens.More than 10000 Visitors come to our Fairs and Markets everyx Year, so we can say that we sort of are accepted. Financially it is still a challenge and we barly manage. So we rely on your prayerful Support. I hope now to be more active on this Blog and you all can benefit on my insights. Bless you all your Herbmonk

Monday, September 13, 2010

What would you do to get healthy

Would you be willing to consume Cod Liver Oil to get over the Pain of Arthritis.
Would you swallow several Cloves of Garlic every Day to get your clogged Arteries free.
Would you give up starchy meals,Sugared Drinks and heavily processed Foods.
Would you turn to Fish and red Meats,Vegetables and Salad only to get rid of Colitis.
Would you stop Dairy Products if you have heavy Asthma and Skin Disease.
Would you walk an Hour a Day to get your Blood-pressure down.
Would you cut your Foot-nails regularly to keep your Kidneys healthy.
Would you take Castor Oil to get your Bowels moving, freeing you from sick Headaches.
Would you fill Cuts and Wounds with Chili Powder , Bandage and wait.

Would you do all this for your Health, than this will be your Cure.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Blue Thumb or how you can keep the Nails on your finger.

Many an occasion we may hit with something harder than Flesh and Bones onto our Fingers. Most of the Time the Nail is so Badly bruised and a Hematoma developes with much Pressure that the Pain turns almost unbearable.In such a Case True Solomons Seal comes for the Rescue. Put an Compress soaked with non-dilated Tincture on it. Keep it and refresh with the Tincture till the other Day. Even for a moment the Pain seems to get worse, soon it will be totally Painfree and if you renew the Compress ,many a Time you will not loose the Fingernail.

Varicocele , spare them the Surgery with some good Herbs

We had a 14 year old Boy with a Varicocele developing. My Opinion is to spare any Boy or Girl Surgery on their Genitals. SO I boldly told the Parents, that Herbs will do the Task. We used the following Regimen:
Internally a Mix of Parts equal in Tincture of Ruscus,Collinsonia,Aesculus and Hydrocotyle for the venous Congestion.
a Mix of Blood-moving Herbs : Zanthoxyllum, Carthamus, Achillea and Vaccinium myrtillus.
a Mix to feed the Testicles : Cola, Damiana, Serenoa, Avena with Tribulus and Cervus Corni.
Externally a Gel of Aesculus applied to the Area twice a Day.
Within three Months there was no trace of Varicocele anymore and also the Boy moved in Puberty to the approbiate Stage. Even after a year of followup there was no relapse.
Of course this Treatment without the hormonal Mix, has resolved many Varicosities we treated with predictable success.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lavender gets the Fire out of Burns

In our Abbey we use a lot of Lavender for Herbal Products to sell. That is why we always keep several Liters of High Quality essential Oil of Lavender in our Storage. In accordance to the famous Dr. Valnet it does Miracles in regard to severe Burns. I remembered an anecdote on this use,
once I severly burned my Hand on a hot Pan. This was second Degree and I immediately rushed for the Lavender Oil. I poored it on the Burn and also put a Compress infused with it on my Hand. You could feel how the Oil drew the Heat out of the Burn, the Pain left and the Burn disappeared within the other Day without blistering or Scar. Since them we have shared this in our Classes and everybody that used it could confirm my own Experience.

Short of a Miracle

European Betony (Stachys officinalis) one of the oldest Herbs in monastic Pharmacopeia has been out of use as an major Woundhealer for long centuries, never the less , disuse does not make Herbs inactive however. My Assistent recently dropped a Bottle with Betony Tincture. Being shocked he severely cut his Hand whilst picking up the broken Pieces of Glass, one Piece pierced his Hand between Thumb and Finger coming out on the other side. He put immediately a saturated compress of pure Betony Tincture onto his wounds and just bandaged it lightly. After one Day the Wound was already closed and on the third Day it was almost untraceable.