Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lavender gets the Fire out of Burns

In our Abbey we use a lot of Lavender for Herbal Products to sell. That is why we always keep several Liters of High Quality essential Oil of Lavender in our Storage. In accordance to the famous Dr. Valnet it does Miracles in regard to severe Burns. I remembered an anecdote on this use,
once I severly burned my Hand on a hot Pan. This was second Degree and I immediately rushed for the Lavender Oil. I poored it on the Burn and also put a Compress infused with it on my Hand. You could feel how the Oil drew the Heat out of the Burn, the Pain left and the Burn disappeared within the other Day without blistering or Scar. Since them we have shared this in our Classes and everybody that used it could confirm my own Experience.

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Nice share!! I will remember this:) thank you