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Friday, September 10, 2010

Varicocele , spare them the Surgery with some good Herbs

We had a 14 year old Boy with a Varicocele developing. My Opinion is to spare any Boy or Girl Surgery on their Genitals. SO I boldly told the Parents, that Herbs will do the Task. We used the following Regimen:
Internally a Mix of Parts equal in Tincture of Ruscus,Collinsonia,Aesculus and Hydrocotyle for the venous Congestion.
a Mix of Blood-moving Herbs : Zanthoxyllum, Carthamus, Achillea and Vaccinium myrtillus.
a Mix to feed the Testicles : Cola, Damiana, Serenoa, Avena with Tribulus and Cervus Corni.
Externally a Gel of Aesculus applied to the Area twice a Day.
Within three Months there was no trace of Varicocele anymore and also the Boy moved in Puberty to the approbiate Stage. Even after a year of followup there was no relapse.
Of course this Treatment without the hormonal Mix, has resolved many Varicosities we treated with predictable success.


comfrey cottages said...

Excellent that the young man made a good recovery:) Avoiding surgery is always the best, if possible. Good job!

Bart said...

I have problems with varicocele too :/ Im 21 and i really dont want to have a surgery. Can you write something about dosage? And how to prepeare this herbs?

Andrew said...

Like Bart, I'd also appreciate more details on dosage/preparation.